The Rockers

Static is a musical collective with presence in Central and South Florida (Static Central and Static South, respectively). With backgrounds from Colombia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines, Static will rock your brains out!

We're a bunch of cool rockin' dudes with A LOT of energy.

Static Central is fine tuning the details to rock it out, so stay tuned

  • Al Gomez (lead vocals)
  • Juancho Rojas (drums)

Static South is rocking it out from the Florida Keys to Broward and Palm Beach counties.

  • Jevon Olea (lead vocals and rhythm guitar)
  • Alejandro (Nanu) Hernandez (lead guitar and vocals)
  • Ricky Fiorani (bass and vocals)
  • Paco Camara (drums)

Let's rock your party!*

*Please rock responsibly and remember to practice social distance and wear a face mask.